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Powder actuated tools, also known as Hilti gun or Ramset gun, is a form of nail gun used to join materials that are hard. E.g., concrete and steel. Powder actuated tools have high and low velocity. They are made up of special heat-treated steel. My safety appliances developed these tools for the US army.


They Can Be Variously Classified

  • Direct act (high velocity)
  • Indirect act (low velocity)
  • Single shot
  • Manual or automatic piston cycling
  • Manual or automatic feed of the charges.


They have special safety interlocks. If the muzzle is not pressed hard, the firing pin cannot reach the load to fire it. But before its usage, many manufacturers offer training and certificate for it.

There are many types of powder actuated tools available in the market. Some of them are as follows.


Fastening Nail Gun

Nail gun, also known as a Nailer, is used to insert nails in woods or other hard surfaces. It is the most used tool in any house. It is portable and easily carried anywhere in your bag. They are used while construction of houses, small tasks. You need special training to use it. As soon as you press the muzzle, its head starts spinning, and the nail goes in.


Powder Actuated Hammers

They are just like small shotguns. Insert the nail in front of the hammer in its nozzle. And insert the bullet at the back of the hammer. Very carefully stab its back on the wood. And the nail gets into the wood. It is no rocket science to use this hammer. The safest and easiest way to perform any task. Takes less time and less energy.


Powder Actuated Pin Guns

As from its name, pin gun is used for small nails. Insert the pin in the nozzle of the gun and shoot with it in the wood or metal you are working on. It doesn’t require any bullet. And it is cheaper than the rest of the tools. It requires less time inserting the nail in the wall as it is small by size and easy to insert in.


Pin Loads

It comprises of factory-applied washer, power fastener, drive pin, and power loads. The drive pin is inserted in the gun accompanying a plastic flute on its edge. And the power loads are inserted at the back of the gun. The gun loads with a roar and pushes the drive pen in a particular place. The head starts spinning as soon as the muzzle is pressed hard, and it lessens your total energy and workload.

There are many other tools that are convenient and time-saving. They are rechargeable and pocket-friendly. Manual hammers and tools are not safe to use too. And requires much energy and time pinning the nail them in the wall or the wood.



Understanding the various types of power actuated tools will help you make the right choice as a consumer. With a comprehensive buyer’s guide at your disposal and recommendations from us, we are confident you’ll make the best investment with your money.